Zero Waste and How it Affects Your Bottom Line

What is Zero Waste?

For a lot of companies, zero waste is a foreign concept. We get it. The idea that a company could feasibly produce zero waste sounds daunting. For some, it even sounds impossible. Anything related to recycling is often wrongly perceived as time-consuming, difficult, expensive, or having a negligible environmental impact. Of course, none of these notions are true, but nonetheless they continue to be accepted ideas.  However, if you’ve been paying attention to the news, it’s surprising how rapidly zero waste is becoming a mainstream goal for all industries.

Corporations and companies like Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Coca Cola, HEB, Walmart, and Xerox  are all striving for “zero waste”.  Even cities like Minneapolis, Seattle, Austin, and San Francisco are now aiming to produce “zero waste”. It’s in the news. Everyone’s doing it. But does anyone know what it really is? Seriously. Is it expensive? Is it a waste of time?  Is it just another name for those green bins?

Zero waste is the philosophy that we can keep all of our trash out of landfills and incinerators.  It might seem like a hefty goal, but it’s far from an unrealistic idea. We currently have the capability to change our current system, and to instead work towards the cyclical process of recycling and reuse that happens in nature.  We can produce zero waste. It’s a goal that companies, cities, and people have been making huge strides in by simply recycling and reusing what used to end up in their trash can. Working towards producing zero waste isn’t difficult, and it isn’t expensive. In fact, recycling your waste can be very lucrative. It’s what we call monetizing recyclables.

What is Monetizing Recyclables?

What exactly does monetizing recyclables mean? It means that your company makes money by keeping waste out of landfills. It’s a simple process that quickly creates new revenue streams by recycling high volumes of your plastic, paper, foam, and metal waste products. In addition to increased profits, monetizing recyclables is a cost-effective way to reduce or eliminate the need for expensive dumpster services. The concept of zero waste may seem overwhelming, but with our three divisions, we make the recycling process as seamless as possible. We work with mid-sized companies to large corporations on an individual case by case basis to determine the best plan of action to reach their zero waste goals.

1. Natura Zero Program
We make recycling profitable for companies through our Natura Zero program.  Natura Zero is a streamlined process that identifies, implements, and audits customer waste and recyclables. We work with our clients individually to determine the best equipment needs for their facility in order to accomplish their waste management goals. Once the recyclables are ready, we’ll purchase them. We’re always in the market to buy. Our Natura Zero program helps you make more revenue by ensuring the process of recycling your waste and selling your recyclables is as seamless as possible. We’re proud to offer a service that not only saves our customers money on waste management and dumpster costs, it gives them the guaranteed ability to sell their recyclables for a profit.

2. Trading and Distribution
We have a full service trading and distribution division that handles all types of plastics, as well as waste paper grades and metals. On top of receiving a consistent supply of products from our Natura Zero clients, we also produce raw material feedstock at our processing facilities. Whether you’re looking for reprocessed resins, virgin resins, or scrap commodities such as plastic, paper, and metal, we have the raw materials to fill your company’s needs.

3. Equipment Solutions
We offer a complete line of equipment solutions to help our customers with the collection and management of their recyclable products.  These easy-to-use machines are kept on-site to decrease the size of a company’s waste, thus making it more profitable.  Our efficient recycling equipment lowers costs for clients, reduces their carbon footprint, and gives them the ability to 
increase recycling revenue. We offer new balers, reconditioned and used balers, grinders, foam densifiers and more.  Please see our products page for details.

Make The Change

We know that zero waste is the future, and going green isn’t going anywhere. With ample information at consumer’s fingertips, a company’s environmental impact is more crucial to their success and reputation than ever before.  To stay afloat, companies are going to have to incorporate zero waste goals into their business model.

Luckily, our company doesn’t see zero waste goals as an obstacle. We see them as an opportunity. Avangard Innovative is one of the few companies that focuses on improving both our environment, and our customer’s bottom line. We guarantee that companies in all industries have the potential for increased profitability, efficiency, and reduced environmental impact when they incorporate zero waste goals into their business strategy. Contact us to learn more about our products, trading and distribution services, and our Natura Zero Program.