Happiness is Mercats

This amazing Grumpy Cat creation is the work of Eric Proctor.  The digital artist titled the masterpiece, “Part of Your No”.  It’s pretty much the best Mercat ever created. Ever.

I don’t want to be where the people are.

I’ve been an avid fan of Mercats for about 3 years now.  They can be difficult to come by, but they do exist.  They’re hiding just below the surface of your internet search.
mercatjustbelowthe surface

It’s a very niche market.

I was first introduced to the colliding worlds of cats and mermaids at the Renaissance Faire in California.  A woman had created porcelain statues of Mermaid Cats.  Half mermaid, half cat… some played with their fish tails while other’s glimpsed the other half of their world on an ocean rock.  We thought about buying a small statue, but ultimately decided our porcelain mercat budget was on the lower side. We settled for this pin. And by settled, I mean, ecstatically purchased the coolest pin anyone will ever own.

I start dreams.

After that day, my eyes were opened to the fascinating world of mercats.

Send this card to anyone. They will love you.

I don’t know when mercats first came-about.  There is little known about their history.  All that matters is that they’re here.
Mercats care about history!

A post-Atlantis mercat.

They combine the friendship of a cat with the sensuality of a mermaid. The result is truly magical.

A young mercat dreams of life as a cat.

Mercats, for the most part, are targeted to a small audience compiled of Etsy addicts and cat women with too much time on their hands.  But mercats are starting to develop a larger following. Thanks to their kitschy and obscure nature, mercats can perfectly fill the ironic needs of an everyday hipster.

Is that Duchess from the Aristocats?

But for now, the majority of people that love mercats are true devotees.  They take the cat fish hybrid very seriously.

Nothing says I love cats and mermaids like permanently ruining your sex life.

Thanks to the wonderment of Mercats, the means of execution doesn’t matter.  They can be pins, statues, plush animals, jewelry, cards, paintings, memes….  just creating Mercat art guarantees it will turn out amazing.

A plush mercat prominently displayed in our home.

Mercats serve a very important purpose.  If you’re upset, nothing can help calm your anger like mercats.  Just think about them. They help negate everything that’s wrong in the world. 
Mercats advocate breastfeeding in public!

Mercats encourage breastfeeding in public! How politically correct of them!

They help bring about a sense of inner peace. Imagine petting a cat and swimming in the ocean at the same time. Can yoga bring the same feelings of inner peace that come from simultaneously swimming in the ocean while petting a fluffy kitty? No, Yoga can’t. Nothing can.

Better than yoga.

Mercats are truly catnip for the soul.

Flaunt your newfound serenity with a mercat necklace.

Mercats are even fluffy and hold-able underwater. And due to the aquatic nature of their home, they don’t have to constantly groom themselves. Mercats have fewer hairballs! They are truly God’s perfect creature.

I love merkitty.

Mercats combine all that is good in the world, and then make it a reality.
This original mercat painting proudly hangs in our bathroom. Try to pee at our place without smiling. You can't do it.

This original mercat painting proudly hangs in our bathroom. Try to pee at our place without smiling. You can’t do it.

Due to their cat-like ability to hunt, mercats are entirely self-sustaining. These incredible creatures keep the ocean population in check while providing food for their merkitties.  Mercats also offer protection from the insects of the sea, and help friends avoid being stung by weird things in the water.

Even creepy looking mercats are like-able.

And like real cats, they love their mercat friends.

I love you mercat friend.

And what cat wouldn’t want to be a mercat?  Cats love fish, but hate water.

I love you dinner.

Feline connoisseurs of oceanic cuisine dream of having fins.  Why else would they sleep all day?  They are like an apathetic backwards Ariel who’s only escape is to spend the day dreaming of an underwater adventure with their meal.  It sure beats the torture of staring at a fish in a bowl.

I wish this was the real me.

Every cat wants to be a mercat.

I’m better this way.

I really don’t know why mercats aren’t a bigger deal. People love cats.  And people love mermaids.  It just makes sense.

This makes sense.